About us


Anna Malinina was born in December of 1979 in the city of Leipzig, Germany. She was  a creative child so her grandmother soon  enrolled her in a music school and several  dressmaking courses where Anna learned  the art of macrame, silk embroidery and  beading.
 As she practiced her needlework, Anna  also spent time developing her modeling  career and studying finance at the  Moscow Institute of Economics,  Management, and Law. This opened  doors for her to work in the fashion i  ndustry, where her creative background  contributed to her success. Eventually, in  2011 Anna set out to create her own  brand, "O2 by Oxygen," where  authenticity and originality guided the  creation of each piece of jewelry.
 Anna constantly strives to introduce new  and innovative elements into her  collection. After attending the Institute  Europeo di Design in Spain, Anna  decided to offer her beautiful pieces  online in America while partnering with various jewelry, beauty, and wedding retailers.
With passion for her craft and endless creative ambition, there is no telling what Anna Malinina's next project will be!